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We are a passionate group of student investors trying to improve both the quality and quantity of our research. We currently have over 10 investment analysts that create research packets on a variety of market segments & products, including: stocks, bonds, commodities, and other macro trends.


While we do not have a required investment strategy, we usually target growth and value with an emphasis on macro-based investing. We are not seeking any compensation with our reports and are only focused on investment ideas that genuinely interest us.


If you have any questions or would like to contact the equity research team, please reach out to

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The content and opinions of this report are written by university students from the University of Southern California, Global investment Society. The Global Investment Society is not responsible for any direct or indirect loss resulting from decisions made based on this report. The opinions in this report constitute the opinions of the Global Investment Society and does not constitute the opinion of the University of Southern California, nor any governing or student body department under the university.


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