GIS Explore

Wednesdays 8:00 PM in JFF 233

In the Explore section of GIS we focus on building a foundation of financial knowledge. We teach the basic principles that allow for deeper learning. The section is taught in a lecture style, progressing through many topics. We progress along a series of topics that build on each other. Throughout the semester, we will cover the following topics:


Basics of Investing, Different Asset Classes & Intro to Corporate Finance

Risk and Return, Stock Valuation, Alternative Investments and Types of Analysis

Intro to Derivatives, Portfolio Construction and Bond Basics

Intro to Global Markets

Factors of Alpha & Financial Ratios


In addition to the lecture component of Intro, we connect the theory and the principles to real-world cases. For example, many sessions will begin with a discussion of the current economic climate. We talk about companies and stocks that are in the headlines or interest the group. The purpose of these discussions is to demonstrate the real world applications of what we are doing in the class. We also use a simulated trading competition and interactive class activities for learning beyond the presentations. 


 This section of GIS is for those with limited knowledge of finance and investing who are curious and have a desire to learn more. The Explore section begins with the basics so no prior knowledge is required. If you are interested in a career in finance, buy side or sell side, GIS Explore section is a good place to start preparing and learning. In addition, if you are not interested in a career in Finance or business GIS Explore section is still a great way to build basic financial literacy and investing knowledge, valuable skills in any industry. The GIS Explore section welcomes all who have a passion to learn more about the basics of finance and investing.