Investment Academy

Tuesdays 8:00 PM in JFF LL 105

Our investment academy is designed to train great investors. This semester-long program is open to any year, major, and level of expertise. You do not have to be a previous member of GIS to apply for the academy program.  This program is designed to be a stepping stone to our flagship investment research program. Through our carefully curated curriculum of deliverables and resources, we ensure our members are prepared to develop, research, and thoroughly defend their investment theses.


Throughout the semester, academy members will learn the following skills:


Financial Statement Interpretation and Projection

Investing Thesis Development and Support

Basics of Financial Modeling and Valuation

Basic Excel and Powerpoint


 This section of GIS is for those with some knowledge of finance and investing who are curious and have a desire to learn more. It is recommended that academy members have some experience with financial concepts, however, this is not a requirement. This program is designed to train and teach participants that are willing to listen, are driven to learn, and are excited to succeed. Weather you are interested in a career in finance or not, the academy program is designed to train a transferable skill that is useful in any industry. We welcome all who have a passion to learn and a drive to succeed.