In the Advanced section of GIS, we actively manage an investment portfolio and conduct extensive research on various investment strategies. Members within the advanced group are placed into cohorts in which they collaborate to facilitate and pitch investment ideas to the club. The community within advanced is selective and previous finance experience is expected. In this section, some of the topics we will cover include:


Option Pricing & Option Greeks

Hedging Your Portfolio Using Derivatives

Expanded Researching for Companies and Sectors

Intro to Quantitative Trading

Deeper Look Into Global Markets


In contrast to the Intro Section, Advanced is more flexible and less based on lectures. The session caters to the specific interests and passions of the members. Time is allotted for members to bring up projects they are working on or investment opportunities they are considering. The collaborative environment of the Advanced Section helps advise members on their personal financial interests. In addition to the lectures and the discussions, the Advanced Section members participate in a trading competition for the whole semester. Members compete with one another to create and implement the best investment strategies. Advanced members will be more discussion based with a focus on researching companies and finding suitable investments given different constraints.


Members will also participate in a school wide stock pitch and improve their skills for pitching investments. Similar to the Intro Section, members do not have to be in pursuit of a business or finance career to join Advanced. Anyone who has a passion to learn and expand their financial knowledge is welcome.