The Global Investment Society at USC

The purpose of GIS is to teach and practice investing with an emphasis on

global markets and varied investment classes, such as bonds, stocks, commodities,

currencies, derivatives, and alternative investments. The club’s goal is to foster an

environment of global knowledge and expertise in the investing sector, and to

build an investment skillset that isn't limited to a single market or investment



GIS will emphasize international investing, rather than simply focusing on

understanding the finance industry through the lens of the US stock markets. GIS

will provide a foundational understanding of the field of finance as an industry

which is affected by the entire world. Members of GIS should feel confident

pursuing a career in finance in any country in the world with the foundation

provided from this club.


Finally, the club aims to build a strong community of

passionate investors.

How are we different?

At USC, the finance & investment clubs do a great job of focusing on domestic (US) markets and explaining investing ideology. However, as we are living in an increasingly international environment, with more and more firms conducting business internationally. We noticed a true lack of international-market finance clubs here at USC, which is why we started GIS.

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Women in Finance Emphasis

Trojan Investing Society

Pre-Professional Emphasis

Value Investing Group

Value Ideology in Domestsic Markets

Global Investment Society

Internatitional Market Emphasis

The Founders
Jacob Pielke, President & Treasurer

pielke@usc.edu | LinkedIn

Pasha Tinkov, VP & Head of Instruction

tinkov@usc.edu | LinkedIn

Moriz Martiner, VP & Head of IT
morizmar@usc.edu | LinkedIn
Ocean Salazar-Ferrer, VP & Head of Instruction

salazarf@usc.edu | LinkedIn

Myreen Edwards, Club Secretary
myreened@usc.edu | LinkedIn
Julia Van der Colff, Director of Special Events
jvanderc@usc.edu | LinkedIn
The 2019-2020 E-board
Casey Russ, President
Jair Suazo, VP & Head of Instruction
suazo@usc.edu | LinkedIn
Ryan Caccamise, VP & Treasurer
rcaccami@usc.edu | LinkedIn
Krish Abrol, VP & Head of Pure Alpha Competition
kabrol@usc.edu | LinkedIn
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